5 valuable tips for branding shoot outfits.

5 top tips on what to wear to your branding shoot:

Want to know what to wear to your branding shoot? You’ve come to the right place! The outfits you wear in your branding shoot photos are crucial when it comes to sending ‘the right message’ to your ideal clients. I work very closely with my clients when it comes to creating their branding shoot looks. This attention to detail & styling guidance before the shoot, ultimately result in the gorgeous photos you see in my portfolio. When it comes to choosing outfits, props & putting the look together, I’m your girl!

Branding shoot outfit ideas

Tip 1: Choose at least 3 different outfits in a range of styles (but stay true to your personal style).

Multiple outfits will add variety and give longevity to your photos. It also helps communicate your style in different settings – i.e. meeting a client, relaxing at a café with a good book, delivering a Ted talk on stage (YEP that’s you!) . A few options that cover these different styles:

  • A floaty dress, cute t-shirt & midi/maxi-skirt combo or jeans and a nice white t-shirt with wedges or sandals (casual). Accessorise with a denim / leather jacket, sunglasses and crossbody bag.
  • Skinny jeans, blouse & blazer (smart casual). Accessorize with a clutch bag in your brand colours / statement necklace.
  • A professional dress / pencil skirt (smart). Accessorise with a pair of killer heels and your gorgeous smile!

Head to my Pinterest board if you’re wondering what to wear to your branding shoot.

Tip 2: Include your brand colours in your outfits.

Including hints of your brand colours in your branding shoot outfits, will help reinforce your brand’s colour story, making it easier to build brand recognition on social media. When I’m looking for locations for your shoot, I keep your brand colours in mind too. Read more about how I select the perfect branding shoot location for you, here. Here are a few easy ways to include your brand colours in your look:

  • A top / blazer in your brand colour
  • Statement lip colour (example below)
  • Accessories (clutch bag, earrings / necklace)
  • Props (notebook, flowers, your phone cover) to match or compliment your brand colours
What to wear to your branding shoot
Branding shoot outfit ideas for men
What to wear to your branding shoot
Top tips on what to wear to your branding shoot

Tip 3: Solid colours work a treat, but don’t be afraid to embrace prints.

Solid colours are great for keeping the focus on your beautiful face, instead of your outfit BUT it’s totally fine to embrace prints (if that’s your style). Top tip from Emma at The Style Sessions on wearing prints: “Prints are a great way to try out colours you wouldn’t normally wear. Look for a print with a base colour that you love (like this green – it’s my favourite!) and then be brave with the other colours in the print – I’m not normally one for bright pink but think it looks great contrasting with the green!” Click here to see the dress Emma is referring to. Below are some examples of my clients rocking prints.

How to wear prints for your branding shoot
Personal Branding Photography for stylish London entrepreneurs
Smart casual branding shoot outfit

Tip 4: Wear outfits that make you feel confident.

Being in front of the camera can be daunting. By wearing an outfit that makes you feel incredible, you’re setting yourself up for success! It also means that you’ll feel less self-conscious and have more fun with me on shoot day. If you have a pair of heels that makes you feel like your best self, WEAR THEM.

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London branding shoot outfit ideas

Tip 5: Make the most of your hairstyle.

If you have long hair, wear it down for the shoot. It opens up so many possibilities when it comes to photo angles and adding movement to your photos. A stroll down the street with the wind in your hair, can take take a photo from nice to WOW! If you have straight hair, think of adding loose waves. Sylwia Kunysz (my go-to for professional hair & make up) is the queen of the loose wave that lasts for the entire shoot! If you have curly hair, embrace it! If you have short hair, work it girl! 😉

When it comes to make-up, less is more, BUT expect to wear a little bit more make-up than you might normally wear. On camera, in natural light (my favourite), I promise it won’t look too much. You will still look like you, but on your best day (with an extra lash or two!) Again, Sylwia is the queen of natural & flawless make-up that lasts for the entire shoot. Click here for some advice from Sylwia on make-up for your branding shoot.

London branding photographer for event planners
Maxi-dress ideas for branding shoots


Invest in a couple of new outfits to make the most of your branding shoot experience. By booking a personal branding shoot, you are stepping out of your comfort zone and investing in the growth of your personal brand. Celebrate yourself and your business, by investing in outfits that makes you feel incredible and will help to attract your perfect clients.

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