Choosing the right locations for your branding shoot.

The locations I help you choose, tell a story:

When it comes to creating a collection of photos that tell a story about you and you brand, choosing the right locations are key. Over the last 8 years, I have scouted hundreds of potential shoot locations all over London. I now have a bank of perfect locations for London personal branding shoots.

Perfect locations for London personal branding shoots

What I think about when choosing your branding shoot locations:

I use your discovery call as a way to get a better understanding of who you are as a personal brand. We discuss what you would like your photos to say about you and your business. I also make a note of the main colours incorporated in your brand identity. Very often I already have certain locations in mind when we’re chatting. If not, I am in London almost every week, scouting new locations to add to my collection. Either way, you’re in safe hands when it comes to finding the perfect location for your shoot.

Choosing locations for your London branding shoot

Here’s how I match the perfect locations for London personal branding shoots to my clients:

The discovery call I have with each new client, helps me to gather the information I need to match the perfect location to you. Here are some of the questions I will ask you:

  • Who are your ideal clients? What age are they, where do they live, spend their time, shop, buy their coffee?
  • What do you do in your spare time to have fun / relax? What are your hobbies?
  • What are your unique characteristics – your quirks, what makes you, YOU. What do your friends say about you?
  • Do you have any specific brand colours we can incorporate into some of the photos to create consistency?
  • Are there any specific ‘action’ photos you need? I.e. if you’re a florist, would you like photos of you buying flowers are a flower market?
  • Are there any specific locations you’ve see on my Instagram of portfolio that you love the look of?
London personal branding photographer
London branding photographer for coaches

Have you thought about an in-home branding shoot?

For some of my clients, the best way to share their story and show their workspace, is to do an in-home branding shoot. For this to be a workable option, you need to have a good amount of natural light in the rooms you would like to use for your photos. Window light is crucial when it comes to creating flattering portraits. From Chelsea, to Hampstead Heath to Cambridge, if you feel your home is a perfect reflection of your personal style, consider having your session at home. Don’t feel your home is quite right for an entire shoot? Well…there are plenty of gorgeous indoor spaces (and homes) available for hire – one might even be tempted to spend a night or two and make a weekend of it! nudge nudge, wink wink

London in-home branding shoot
Personal branding photography for London coaches
London cherry blossom personal branding photographer
Personal Branding Photography for stylish London entrepreneurs
London branding photographer for nutritionists

Frequently asked questions when it comes to branding shoot locations:

Here are some the most frequent questions I get asked, when it comes to the locations we use for your shoot:

  • How many locations do we include? In a three hour personal branding session, we usually incorporate at least 3 different locations (areas), and within these, there will usually be various different backdrops to use. This means you’ll have a lot of variety in your photos.
  • Where do I get changed? Coffee shops are my go-to when it comes to outfit changes. Click here for advice on what to wear to your branding shoot.
  • How do we get from one location to the next? If it’s a short walk away, we take a little stroll (and usually shoot along the way). Alternatively we jump in a taxi.
  • Are all the locations we shoot at, outdoors? Most of them, yes! As things start opening up more post-Covid19, we have more options in terms of shooting indoors in hotels, restaurants or cafe’s. My preference is outdoors as that gives us the most flattering and natural light, but YES we can shoot indoors too.
  • What happens if it rains on the day? I keep a close eye on the weather forecast and if rain is forecast, we reschedule. If it happens to rain on the day, we will shoot at an indoor location, or have a coffee while waiting for the rain to pass! Miraculously, I’ve never had a branding shoot where it rained the entire time.
Belgravia London branding photographer
London branding photos for coaches

Contact me if you need beautifully curated personal branding photos. With my collection of perfect locations for London personal branding shoots, you’re in safe hands. Click here to see a round-up of my 2020 personal branding shoots and here for a gorgeous spring 2021 branding shoot in Nottinghill.

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