Rachel Overall Coaching: A case study

Branding Photography Rachel Overall Coaching 01

In this blog post (Branding Photography Rachel Overall Coaching 01) I take a look at the two shoots I have worked on over the last two years with Rachel Overall Coaching. If you are considering a personal branding shoot or need help with visibility mentoring click here.

Rachel Overall Coaching: A case study

If you’d like to find out more about Rachel’s services as a Personal Brand & Marketing coach, and why she values Personal Branding Photography for coaches, click here. I love seeing how my clients have implemented the images from their personal branding sessions with me. Rachel’s website looks fantastic and her personality shines through. The images complement her brand messaging, and I really get a sense of her passion for coaching. View my full portfolio here.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you – I absolutely LOVE them! I normally find huge fault in every photo of me but I really really love these – thank you.

London luxury branding photography

Creating purposeful branding imagery for a London coach:

The first branding shoot we did for Rachel, was back in 2018. She needed imagery to launch her Personal Brand Coaching services and website. From the very first discovery call I had with Rachel, I knew that we needed to communicate her warm personality and quiet confidence in her years of experience. It was also important to showcase other tidbits about Rachel – her love for London & a refreshing G&T.

Rachel Overall Branding photos

Storytelling photos to increase your personal brand visibility.

Two years later, Rachel booked another personal branding shoot with me. This time we did a gorgeous in-home session for her, showing her in a more relaxed environment – working from home, relaxing with her lovely dog Lily and stepping out for a client meeting at her local co-working space near Cambridge. Both shoots complement Rachel’s personal brand so well.

Personal Branding coach Rachel Overall relaxing in Nottinghill

Consistent branding imagery positions you as the expert in your field.

This statement is so true for Rachel. Since her first branding shoot, her coaching business has grown and gone from strength to strength. Rachel is now the go-to Business Coach for ambitious women looking to create real business transformations through implementing effective brand and marketing strategies.

Branding Photography Rachel Overall Coaching 01

Branding Photography Rachel Overall Coaching 01

Authentic branding photography for a coach

Client testimonial from Rachel Overall:

“I had a fantastic afternoon with Anneli for my branding shoot. Not only did she make it really enjoyable and take away any of the awkwardness that can come with personal branding shoots, but I am SO happy with the photos and feel like they are a great representation of my brands. I would recommend Anneli to anyone looking for natural, fun yet professional images for their brand.”

In-home luxury branding photos

Want to learn why it’s important to show the face behind your brand? Click here.

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