5 ways to use your personal branding photos on your website.

Boost your “Know, Like, Trust” factor.

As a visual storyteller, it’s no secret that I’m a big believer in building a strong & memorable personal brand through stand-out branding photos. Over the past eleven years, I’ve built two successful businesses and used photos of myself to boost my “Know, Like, Trust” factor, attract ideal clients & build a strong reputation as the expert in my field. I’ve relied heavily on social media marketing, in-person networking (remember that?!), and a well-designed website, infused with my personality.

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Your website is the most valuable tool to build your brand:

By far, the most valuable tool in building my online reputation has been my website. By making sure my website is Google-friendly (hello good SEO & searchability) and sharing my personality & work on social media, the goal has always been to drive as much traffic as possible to my online home, where potential clients can kick back, get to know me and find out more about my services. I always encourage clients to share photos of themselves on social media on a regular basis, but if you’re stuck for ideas on to use the photos from your branding shoot on your website, this post is for you! I love sharing personal branding tips and tricks, so make sure you check back regularly for new blog posts or follow me on Instagram.

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Why use your branding photos on your website?

By dotting photos of you around a few of your website pages (alongside great copy), you are actively boosting your brand’s “Know, Like, Trust” factor. If you’re new to this concept, it really just means that in order to build a successful brand & community who support your business, you need to show your face, be yourself and explain to your audience how you can help them. If a potential customer spends time on your website and starts to feel like they know you and your brand (thanks to photos of you), you’re making it easier for them to like you and ultimately establishing a level of trust in you, what you offer and your expertise. Below are the ways I use my branding photos on my own website.

Boost your know, like, trust factor

5 ways to use your personal branding photos on your website:

  1. HOME PAGE: Insert a photo of you smiling straight to camera on your home page – by inviting website visitors in with a big, warm smile they’ll feel like they know you already! As a personal brand, you should use your personality to hook someone in as soon as they knock on the front door of your online home!
  2. ABOUT PAGE: This is a great opportunity to say hello – “Meet X – the face behind the brand”. The about page is where you can really let your personality shine. I’ve used photos of myself, alongside a list of my favourite things to give visitors a little insight into what makes me tick and instantly create those “ooh I love that too” moments which could help sway a client to choose me over another personal brand.
  3. SERVICES PAGE: alongside copy explaining how I can help your business; I share a photo of myself to reinforce my passion for personal branding photography & mentoring. It also shows my clients that I know what it feels like to be in front of the camera!
  4. BLOG / JOURNAL: Your blog / journal is an incredibly valuable space (which Google loves!) where you can share your thoughts, advice, and work on a regular basis. Why not add a touch of “you” to it with a photo of yourself as the ‘author of your blog’. I include a photo of myself in the sidebar menu, inviting readers to enjoy my blog content over a cup / glass of something delicious.
  5. CONTACT PAGE: Last but not least, make the most of your contact page. This is the “last hurrah” and your final opportunity to invite a potential client to get in touch. A photo of you on the contact page will help the reader to feel like they’re chatting with an actual human being instead of a faceless brand!

** Bonus tip** Don’t forget about your email newsletter. Include a warm & welcoming photo of yourself – encouraging your subscribers to stay in touch once they’ve signed up.

How to use your brand photos on your website

What if you don’t have a collection of gorgeous branding photos?

I can help – view my portfolio here and get in touch to book your free discovery call. If you already have branding photos but you lack the confidence to use them on social media, click here to find out more about my bespoke Personal Brand Mentoring sessions. Together, we’ll get really clear on what your brand values are & who your ideal audience is. We’ll then brainstorm content ideas to get you started and boost your confidence as the face of your brand. Click here to see how I use my own branding photos to share my personality and connect with my audience on Instagram.

If you enjoyed reading 5 ways to use your personal branding photos on your website, click here to read my blog post on how to build personal brand confidence.

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